Student Leadership

At "545" we offer students the chance to take part in leadership roles across a range of different areas within the school.

Junior School Council

Junior School Councillors are student elected leaders who play a key role within the school. Their role includes organising and conducting fundraisers for charity, representing their peers and acting as a voice for the student body if they have any concerns. They help with the schools weekly assembly as well as our open day and ANZAC ceremony.

House Captains

House Captains are elected at the start of the school year. Their role is to organise the students of their house and to lead, support and encourage the students of their house at school sporting carnivals.

Visual and Arts Captains

Visual and Arts Captains are elected at the start of the year. They are students who have demonstrated passion, commitment and enthusiasm towards Music and Art. Key responsibilities include informing the school of what's happening in Music and Art, reporting on events that have occurred and promotion of upcoming events e.g. concerts, excursions. They host special events throughout the year including the Performing Arts Show and the Christmas Concert.

Library Captains

The Library Captains are elected at the start of the year to support the ongoing role the Library plays in the school. They work closely alongside Miss Emma-Lee Ross to ensure the library functions effeciently.

Science Captains

The Science Captains are elected at the start of the year to support Mr Smith in the Science room.

Peer Support (Buddies Program)

The Peer Support Program involves Foundation students and their grade 5/6 buddies being timetabled to meet and participate in activities together. Buddies also assist Foundation students in the yard at recess and lunchtimes early in the year by creating games and helping them to join in and make friends.