Sale Primary School provides a stimulating, varied and challenging curriculum.

A broad and balanced educational program is provided throughout the school and is based on the Victorian Curriculum. The Victorian Curriculum F-10 has been developed based on the National Curriculum, but for the Victorian context. Your child’s progress in this curriculum will be reported to parents both in June and December.

Extra Curricula Opportunities

  • Transition programs
  • Visiting performers
  • Family Maths /Science Night
  • Traditional Maypole Dance
  • Camps and excursions
  • Junior School Council

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

TheirCare are our school OSHC provider. They operate before school (7:00 - 8:45am), after school (3:20 - 6:00pm), vacation and pupil free day care at our school. For further details contact the office.

Specialist Programs

See the Science/STEM, Arts and Language and Health, Physical Education and Sport Pages for information on these programs.

For other programs see the Wellbeing, Leadership, Camps & Excursions and Sustainability pages.

Reporting to Parents

Written reports are given twice a year, at the end of each semester.
Formal Parent/Teacher interviews take place twice a year in March and September as a follow up to the written reports.

You can book your Parent/Teacher interview online through the School Interviews booking website. To book your interviews, please go to and put in the code for the current round of parent/teacher interviews. The correct code will be provided by the school prior to the next round of interviews taking place.

Meetings With Class Teachers

Teachers at '545' are regularly involved in meetings or attend professional development before and after school. If you require a meeting, please ring first to ensure their availability.

NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy)

Students in Years 3 & 5 participate in National NAPLAN testing in Language Conventions, Writing, Reading and Numeracy. Families of students involved in this receive a standardized report which provides additional information regarding student achievement.

Click here to go to the NAPLAN website for more information